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Seinfeld Will Always Be The Best TV Show And Here’s Why

By | Aug 16, 2016


Source: Tumblr

Seinfeld lasted nine seasons earning more awards and acclaim than almost any show in the history of American television. During the 1990’s the only TV show that could compete was ER, but when it comes to comedies, no other show even comes close. Seinfeld is hands down not only the funniest sit-com ever but the best. Just last year, the Writers Guild of America named Seinfeld the second most well-written TV Series of all time behind only the Sopranos.


There are so many facets of the show that make it the all-time best sit-com that it seems unfair to choose just one.  The cast and the writing are the two aspects of Seinfeld that never have, and may never be, duplicated.

The writing style in Seinfeld illustrates comedic brilliance.

Seinfeld is not only a caricature of life but of the life, we wish we could lead. Seinfeld represents what our lives would be like if we were completely uninhibited by social norms, personal relationship boundaries, and laws. From tormenting young children and making a woman´s peccadilloes monstrous issues to abusing physically challenged person rules and fooling others into offering us jobs we could not be less qualified, our devilish sides make us wish we could live Seinfeld lives.


While the writing could have won awards on its own, the show could not have reached the pinnacles it did without the superb acting of the cast. Each actor plays their character brilliantly. The chemistry and interactions between the characters made the show engaging and hilarious.

Be it is Seinfeld´s rivalry with Newman or his pal-around relationship with his ex-girlfriend Elaine, or his profound appreciation for his best friend George — a man with almost no redeeming qualities. The Seinfeld sit-com illustrates social oddities to which we can all relate.


Source: Tumblr

Besides the central cast, Seinfeld´s special guests, such as the Soup Nazi, became almost as infamous as the main characters. Sometimes it is the small daily interactions we have that impact our lives the most, and that is the story Seinfeld tells.


But, it is not fair to try to reduce Seinfeld into an analysis. The only way to understand why Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever is to watch it… over and over.