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Lindsay Lohan Thinks the Rules Don’t Apply to Her… And The Justice System Proves It

By | Aug 15, 2016

So here’s the deal.  No matter the angle you look from at Lindsay Lohan’s life, there’s one thing that seems to be prominent — the rules don’t apply to her.  Many years ago — many, many years ago — LiLo was well known for incredible acting skills.  Remember her role in Parent Trap?  She not only blew critics away with her acting, but she took it a step further by filling two roles essentially at the same time.


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But her rise to stardom didn’t last long.  It wasn’t too many years later that America, as well as the rest of the world, started to see a different side of Lindsay — a darker side.  Let’s take a quick look at her troubles from the past and the ones that are still haunting her today.

It all started in 2006

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It was way back in 2006 that Lindsay found herself in the hospital due to extreme dehydration and exhaustion.  Was she working herself too hard, or was it the illegal substances that she was likely consuming at the time?  Only her medical records tell the truth, but no one has access to those.  No matter the reasons behind her hospitalization, a studio executive during the same year got fed up with her tardiness.

Perhaps abuse was to blame for Lohan’s excessive tardiness, because it was only a few months later in 2007 that she went to rehab.  After rehab, she tried to pursue her acting career again, but her erratic behavior got her tossed from her role in “The Edge of Love.”  She was replaced by the always-behaving Keira Knightley.

First arrest (and second) happens in 2007


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It was on Memorial Day weekend in 2007 that Lohan copped her first criminal charge; DUI.  If only at this time she had seen her future, she might have really taken to heart what she learned in the rehab that she checked into after being arrested.  Instead, she left the program and managed to catch another DUI charge in July of the same year.  She also added a possession charge to her criminal record, and once again, she checked into another rehab.

Lindsay appears in court


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It was clearly evident that Lindsay was not pulling her life together when she appeared in court after her two arrests.  Check out the picture above and see for yourself how completely awful she looked.  Instead of rehabilitating in rehab, it appears she went completely off the deep end.

Lohan Is Sentenced

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As punishment for Lindsay’s two DUIs and possession charge, she was mandated by a judge to serve time in the Lynwood Correctional Facility.  It seemed that justice would be served… until 84 minutes later when Lindsay was released.  Yep, that’s right.  She served less than two hours. It was during this time that Lindsay rose to fame again for being a lesbian.  She started a relationship with Samantha Ronson, a singer-songwriter and DJ who resides in California.

Lohan misses court


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Flying low under the radar, Lohan managed to avoid anymore trouble with the law until 2010, which is when she missed a mandatory court hearing.  Her excuse: she was partying in Cannes and her passport got stolen, so she was unable to return home in time for court date.  Her punishment included being taken back into custody, however, she paid a $100,000 for bail and regained her freedom.  She was then ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, which of course ended up going off during a party.

The list goes on and on


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We could go and on about Lindsay’s trouble with the law, and honestly, it would take quite some time to cover all of her mishaps.  Currently, though, Lindsay is facing time because she has failed to complete her court ordered community service.  She’s had more than enough time to complete 240 hours of service, yet she barely has half of it complete.  Worse yet is that she has found plenty of time to party and travel instead of doing what the judge has ordered her to do.  In a world where justice prevails, Lindsay would be sent, but we must remember, as for now, it appears that the rules don’t apply to Lindsay.  We will have to wait and see what the judge thinks about Lindsay not completing her community service.