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Celebrity Men Wearing Dresses and Owning It!

By | Aug 16, 2016

Celebrity Men Wearing Dresses and Owning It

Source: TheCelebSocial / Telva / CelebrityToob

Considering how skinny jeans are bad for you, there’s no reason men shouldn’t be trying dresses instead.

These celebrity men might even wear dresses better than some women do! Whether they wore it for fashion shoots or everyday wear, these stars might just set the precedent for all other men in the world.

Soon male dress stores will pop up everywhere, and they’ll likely raise a few eyebrows and also some hems.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Source: TheCelebSocial

Time for the smolder.

Brad Pitt might have once been more famous for his face than his acting, but he has always been an incredible actor who’s up for nearly anything. Posing in various dresses for Rolling Stone to promote his newest film at that time, Fight Club.

Considering how the movie is all about gender roles, it’s no wonder they put the masculine Pitt in some sparkly patterned dresses.

What’s truly amazing is how well he pulls them off!

R. Kelly

R Kelly

Source: ArmStar

Red carpet glam.

R. Kelly has never been scared to push the envelope, and his appearance at last year’s American Music Awards was no exception.

Kelly sparked plenty of controversy by wearing a skirt on the red carpet. Apart from being one of the most successfu R&B performers of the last ten years, Kelly has always been fashion forward and seems always to be ahead of the trend.
No matter what happens, this 47-year-old star has got style written all over him!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Source: iOneGlobalGrind

Dressed to impress.

Despite usually dressing in the more typically masculine ways, Chris Brown has always been open about his love for fashion and even has his own clothing label.

The controversial star posed in a Givenchy long shirt which almost doubled as a dress, and some leggings for his music video “Ready”.

While not technically a dress, it’s close enough to have us wonder what he would look like in the real thing!

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Source: Telva

Famous fashion forward.

We’re not going to lie; Jaden Smith has been a bit strange in his behavior and speech in the past (after all, half the internet has made fun of his philosophical tweets).

But while his fashion sense has always been weird, some of it had pushed the envelope when it came to what guys could wear. This includes earlier this year when he wore a dress and some flowers to the music festival Coachella and made it look pretty good.

Maybe it’s the strong jawlines and skinny legs, but Jaden Smith can wear a dress any day of the week!

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Source: DailyMail

Fashion from the first.

Marc Jacobs has been a fashion designer and icon of note for years, and this has gone on to change a lot of the fashion we have admired over the years. Jacobs made some serious news when he showed up at his Louis Vuitton Exhibition in a calf-length pink dress and some bright buckled shoes.

Everyone knows that Jacobs is all about accessories and attractive colors, and this outfit has a bit of both! The color was well suited, though, and we can’t wait to see when he pulls it out again!

Trinidad James

Trinidad James

Source: RapGenius

Rapping in skirts.

It’s not every day you see a hard-core rapper wear a skirt on the red carpet, but that’s what Trinidad James did when he walked the carpet at the 2013 BET awards.

He’s also worn skirts before, so no one was too surprised when this photo came out. We’re not sure why everyone kicked up such a storm about his outfit since we think it looked kind of good on the rap star.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

Source: CelebrityToob

The iron giant gives a twirl.

There is no manlier than Vin Diesel, and he proved it when he wore a pleated leather kilt to the MTV Europe Music Awards a while back.

While the Fashion Police trashed him, we think the Fast And Furious star had some serious courage to wear something like this, and it looks pretty good!

Kilts have already started to make a big comeback for men, and we’re sure they’ll be popping up everywhere soon.

Kanye West

Kanye West

Source: Bossa

Yeezy says yes to the dress.

Love him or hate him, Kanye West has an acute eye for fashion. From dictating what his wife Kim Kardashian West is allowed to wear, to releasing his own brands.

West has got some serious fashion opinions. Just like Vin Diesel, West wore a leather kilt when he performed at Madison Square Garden in 2012, paired with some pleather leggings and boots.

It seems that rappers are leading this new phenomenon, and looking at them we can understand why!

Mos Def

Mos Def

Source: ObnoxiousTV

Going back to his roots.

While often mistaken for a skirt, the brightly patterned material that Mos Def has on in this picture is a Ghanaian wrap used by both men and women.

Mos Def has gotten more in touch with Africa since his move to Cape Town a few years ago.

The star has stated that nothing was more comfortable to wear at home than the wrap, and he has continued to make fashion statements with it. We can dig it!

A$AP Rocky

ASAP Rocky

Source: HipHopWired

High fashion dressing.

A$ap Rocky made a lot of waves after he appeared to be wearing a dress on the 106 and Park BET a few years ago (2012 to be specific).

While many reviled his efforts, Rocky has simply stated that it was an oversized shirt and that he was proud of his individuality that he portrayed with his fashion. We agree with him, and dress or not he still looked good in his quick appearance with the shirt.

He has made it clear that he likes changing the rap scenes style, and that he wants to continue wearing things that change opinions in the future. Keep at them gents!