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35 Celebrities Who Are Broke

By | Nov 07, 2016
Source: BET

It’s pretty difficult to fathom how celebrities can make millions of dollars in a year, yet blow it all just as quickly. It seems like 90s stars have it the worst, but even Kanye West apparently has some of his own issues.

Kanye West, one of the biggest and egotistical celebrities in the world says he’s $53 million in debt on Twitter, then asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for a one billion dollar investment in Kanye’s ideas. But is he really that far in the hole?

With several business investments, his albums, and clothing line, how is this even possible? Has Kim Kardashian been burning a hole in his pocket? It turns out that the two keep their finances separate. Kim Kardashian made near $53 million just last year alone – the exact amount Kanye West says he’s lost.

Could this be a riches to ramen noodles story?

We’ve seen dozens of other celebrities go from making millions to filing for bankruptcy. Here are a few celebrities who weren’t just pulling our leg and went bankrupt.