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20 of the Most Beautiful, Talented, and Incredibly Wealthy Actresses

By | Sep 10, 2014


Source: studio4

Actresses are amazing artists who bring joy to the world through their movies, television shows and other appearances. Their fan bases continue to expand with each stellar performance that they bring to the table. Some actresses have been in the acting game for decades, and they have touched the lives of several generations of people. A few of these women are still on the list of top grossing actresses according to Forbes and other reliable resources. Some actresses have recently started to climb the ladder of the most exceptional performers over the past few years.


Source: Forbes

The list of top paid actresses will separate the television actresses from the movie actresses, although many of them have crossed over and covered both areas. These women have continued to strive over the years and give outstanding performance to their fans. They have survived through life’s challenges and the normal ups and downs of the acting world to achieve continual success. The following is a list of the 20 top paid actresses of today: