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15 Celebrities Who Survived Crippling Poverty to Make their Dreams Come True

By | Sep 30, 2015

Homeless Celebrities Who Prove You Still Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Source: Shutterstock/JaguarPS / Shutterstock/HelgaEsteb

Homelessness. Crippling Poverty. Hopelessness. All the celebs are this this are survivors of one if not all three.

Who doesn’t love a rags to riches story? Maybe it’s because we feel that if one Hollywood star could rise out of the ashes of poverty, perhaps we could do the same, even if we are living better now than they did then.

Of course, for some celebrities, their idea of being poor is sometimes different from ours. One celebrity, who shall be nameless, claimed that he was so poor growing up that when he and his mother went out for dinner, the two would split the meal and order water.

For many families, that is just a way of being frugal. Still, most of the following stars have lived lives that many of us would rather avoid.